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Surface Preparation, Anti-Corrosion Protection, Fireproofing

Surface Preparation, Anti-Corrosion Protection, Fireproofing

One of the main activities of the "ALK ConstructionService" company is surface preparation, anti-corrosion protection and fire-protection (PFP) application. The "ALK ConstructionService" is an expert in an application of fire-protective materials of world's leading manufacturers, such as: “Jotun”, “PPG”, “International Paints”. As a competent expert, the "ALK ConstructionService" company has registered applicant certificates issued by the manufacturers of PFP materials.
"ALK-CS" company has following advantages:
1. EXPERIENCE. We use the best and latest technologies and have a great experience of work at the most integrated and technologically complex industrial objects;
2. ECONOMY. You save your money, time and manpower with us. We work with modern, high-performance equipment and measuring instruments from the best manufacturers;
3. QUALITY. We use materials of high quality according to the rules and requirements of international quality standards. Our inspectors are certified in accordance with FROSIO and NP SOPKOR standards;
4. PROFESSIONALISM. Our experts had been trained and certified in specialized training centers;
5. SAFETY. Compliance with international environmental requirements and safety.

The "ALK ConstructionService" company has a large stock of modern mobile production containers and offices equipped with:
•    Compressors
•    Sandblasting / shot blasting machines
•    Equipment for hydro cleaning of surfaces
•    Painting machines
•    Machines applying a two-component epoxy-based fire protection
•    Forklift
•    Inspection and measuring equipment
•       Abseiling equipment

The modern and sophisticated equipment, the mobility factor, as well as a thorough knowledge and understanding of all processes, allows us to carry out the most ambitious plans of our customers as quick as possible.
All production processes of "ALK-CS" LLC are certified by various classification organizations such as RINA and RMRS. The company is certified in accordance with ISO 9001, OHSAS 180001, ISO 14001, and also has MES licenses. The “ALK-CS” company is also a member of the SRO.

Main sectors of the economy in which the company operates:
•    Petrochemical industry.
•    Shipbuilding, ship repair, offshore marine construction.
•    Engineering manufacture.
•    Metal manufacture.
•    Electrical power Engineering.
•    Chemical industry.

Industrial protective coatings – anticorrosion protection
Due to the construction process, upkeep of buildings and structures are exposed to the external environment negative influence, such as corrosion. Corrosion is a spontaneous and irreversible process, which entails very undesirable consequences like deterioration of characteristics and properties of building materials (weight, section, strength).
Due to the corrosion a person has to develop technical methods of corrosion protection solutions and some ways to slow down this process.
Industrial protective coatings are paints, polymer coatings, metal coatings used to protect building structures and products from corrosion. Modern industrial coatings are used not only to solve the problem of corrosion protection on steel and concrete structures but also present some solutions for an artistic and decorative application.
Main criteria to be considered by our specialists when selecting industrial protective coatings for the anticorrosion protection:
• operational conditions of a building or a structure
• a degree of materials corrosion
• required service lifespan of industrial protective coatings
• conditions of the substrate
• intended method of the surface preparation
◦mechanical cleaning (mechanical cleaning tools consumption, such as, wire brushes, grinding equipment)
◦degreasing of the surface (a degreasing cleaner consumption to remove organic contaminants from the surface)
◦blasting (dry abrasive blasting, blast cleaning with water supply and wet blast cleaning - water with the addition of abrasives)
◦shot blasting (the process of cold metal working)
◦hydrodynamic machining (processing of ultra-high pressure water. A water jet is directed onto the surface to be cleaned under very high pressure up to 2500 bar)
• method of applying an industrial protective coating. The protective coating can be applied by a brush, a roller, a pneumatic and airless spray. Airless spraying is the best method of painting, but in this case one needs special equipment and an experience in applying protective materials.
• decorative requirements to an application
• economic feasibility
Industrial protective coatings - fire protection
Apart from the corrosion protection, industrial protective coatings are used to solve the problem of fire-protection. Fire retardant coatings are developed for the fire-protection of constructions and structures.
The fire-protection of structures is extremely important in the construction and maintenance of buildings with a mass gathering, such as shopping centers, office buildings and sports centers, social and cultural destination objects. The appliance of fire-retardant materials is regulated by current standards of the fire safety (Federal Law of 22nd July 2008 № 123-FZ "Technical Regulations on fire safety requirements").
With the right choice of a fire protection you can increase the safety factor of supporting structures, and thus increase the time for evacuation in case of fire or an emergency situation.
The most important high-tech achievement in the fire-protection field is a thin-coat protection application using intumescent fire retardant coatings (paints). Its fire retardant properties exert after a buildup of the layer under the thermal impact during fire danger conditions. Such materials increase the minimum weight, and thus the load on supporting structure
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